Mar-Con Wire Belt

For over 40 years, Mar-Con Wire Belt has been fabricating custom metal wire belt solutions for clients globally

About Us

The mission of Mar-Con Wire Belt's team is the same today as it was at the Company's inception in 1977. Our team’s collective goal is to provide excellent customer care, use the highest grade materials, perform quality craftsmanship, and supply our clients with the fastest shipping times in the industry. In our near half-century of business, Mar-Con has delivered millions of square feet of top quality wire belting to a wide range of industrial and food processing operations. In addition to our products, we provide technical support, servicing information and new belting design. We have helped shape the belting industry since 1977 and plan to continue to do so for the next 50 years.

Mesh Styles

1-Equalized Balanced Weave

Balanced Weave

2-Chain Drive Belting

Chain Drive

3-Compound Balanced Weave

Balanced Weave

4-Mar-Grid Spiral Belting

Mar-Grid Spiral

5-Mar-Con Batter Belting

Mar-Con Batter

6-Flat Wire Belting

Flat Wire

7-Light Wire Belting

Light Wire

8-Other Mesh and Belt Styles

Other Mesh Styles

Other Products



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